Good things come in malt packages

You can find an almost limitless array of recipes on the Internet… to the point that groaning about “having nothing to cook” is a little like Paris Hilton whining about having nothing to wear. But sometimes the best recipes are found in the most..expected..of places: On the back of the package. After testing multiple brownie recipes, I have concluded that my favorite is still this one from the Baker’s chocolate box. (I swap a bag of chocolate chips for the nuts.) And after years of pursuing the ultimate home malt, I finally found it: On the back of the Carnation chocolate malted milk container. I have tried to make it a little healthier by using frozen yogurt and 2% milk. The secret, I think, is the surprisingly large amount of vanilla: 1/2 teaspoon per serving.

Perfect fountain-style chocolate malt

(Adapted from the back of the Carnation malted milk container)

(1 serving)

3/4 cup cold (2%) milk

3 tablespoons chocolate malt powder

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 scoops frozen yogurt (I used vanilla)

Blend and serve. I used an immersion blender, which blends it right in the cup.

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2 Responses to Good things come in malt packages

  1. Anne says:

    When I was a young lady I read through the Judy Blume catalog, and in a couple of books there were characters who would talk about having “a malted”. I never could figure out exactly what that was, and it seemed very fancy and exotic because it was ‘something from New York City’ (where the characters were from). This must be what they were talking about…

    Malt powder is … what, exactly? Like the inside of Whoppers but ground up into powder? What else do you use it for?

  2. hollycooking says:

    Anne, “malt powder” is exactly like the inside of the a Whopper “but ground up into powder.” Although malteds are definitely old-fashioned, they are not exclusive to NYC. It used to be that you could buy them at soda fountains around the country. I bought the powder here at Safeway in Denver. This recipe is definitely the kind of thing Judy Blume was referring to when she mentioned malteds, which are basically milk shakes with malt powder for extra flavoring. Malted milk powder of this sort is most commonly used to flavor milk-based drinks such as shakes and hot chocolates. I grew up with malts and love the flavor. My sisters love to remind me of my early efforts to flavor just about everything with malted milk powder, including, when I was about 11, scrambled eggs. (Not recommended.) One of my favorite cook books, “Baked” ( contains a delicious recipe for malted blondies/chocolate chip cookies bars.
    Another fantastic cook book, “The Perfect Scoop”
    contains an equally delicious recipe for malted milk-flavored ice cream.
    I’d recommend buying a jar of the powder, making a malted milk shake and seeing if you like it! A caveat: One thing I have noticed is that people who did not grow up drinking malteds often dislike the flavor when they try it for the first time as adults.

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