Please vote for my Mexican Gourmet Turkey Burger because I am a bigtime loser.. the cutthroat competition that is the 15th anniversary Epicurious recipe contest, Yes, I am getting my ass kicked. By sour cream and apple pie crumble. By sesame saki salmon. By rosemary pistachio white chocolate chip cookies (which is quite honestly the only recipe that doesn’t sound delicious to me). By sea-salted caramel cupcakes.

Yes I am happy that my humble Mexican turkey burger made the final 15, especially since I have only been cooking about about a year.  So I am asking you to vote for me not just for me but for..Judy. Judy, my former Rocky Mountain News co-worker, is a kick-ass, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. She was nice to come over a few weeks ago and spend an entire Saturday afternoon taking the most gorgeous, beauty queenerific photo of my burger, which is posted above. I mean Judy is an artist. She made the avocado slices glisten by applying delicate strokes of olive oil. She vamped the burger in dozens of different poses–bun propped up, bun lying down..brown plate with flowers, yellow plate with green trim..etc. She combed my house and yard until she found the perfect lighting then tried lens after lens until she got the perfect shot. It’s been a long time since I have seen such a perfectionist at work. It was awe inspiring. And, as you can see above, the resulting photo is a true turkey burger pin-up girl. I mean, if a fat kid saw this photo he would want to blow up it up and hang it inside his locker–that’s how good it is.

I asked Judy to take the picture because Epicurious had requested a photo of my burger and I am a crappy photographer whose only camera is her cell phone.  I had assumed they would run pictures of all the 15 finalists’ recipes. This made me happy because while I was far from sure I had the best recipe, I was certain I had the best photograph. Unfortunately, it turned out that the the 15 finalists’ recipes ran without pictures. So now my working theory is that they won’t run a photo of your recipe unless you make the top three and qualify for cook-off in NYC. So please, please vote for the Gourmet Mexican Turkey Burger if only so Judy’s masterpiece gets the attention it deserves!

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One Response to Please vote for my Mexican Gourmet Turkey Burger because I am a bigtime loser..

  1. Alan says:

    I voted early and often. I expect to get thrown in with Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel at any moment.

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