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Nutella Challah Chocolate Chip Slow Cooker Bread Pudding

Why can’t you win a Pulitzer or a Nobel for things that count? As in..we need to seriously reward the person who first thought of the idea of mixing chocolate and hazelnuts and selling it in a little jar and … Continue reading

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Sriracha Slaw

According to my brother-in-law, you can tell how long a couple has been married by checking out how much Tabasco sauce is left in their bottle. Or..something like that… only nothing like that applies to my husband and me. We … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Chocolate Chip Pudding Cake

“Interesting.” That’s the phrase my way-too-polite friend Lacey uses to describe the evenings when my vegetarian cooking efforts are..less than successful. Lacey is so polite, in fact, that my friend Michael and I have taken to gauging her true opinion … Continue reading

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Exciting rice: smoky, creamy easy

Rice doesn’t get much respect. In these low-carb days of penny-pinching austerity, it’s one of the few foods restaurants will still provide for no additional charge. It’s more condiment than main dish, i.e. unless someone’s throwing it at you after … Continue reading

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